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Annual Registration

This section will aid you in the new student organization and annual registration process, provide information on university policies, and provide you with forms for a successful event. 

Annual Student Organization Registration

Registered student organizations must file all student organization Registration forms with Student Involvement each year and keep a current officer roster updated and on file.

Upon logging into the system, please select your organization from the drop down menu. 

Registration for 2022-2023 is now open.  Click here to register.

Registration is only completed once all following requirements have been met.

  • 12 Steps for (Re-)Registration:

  1. Visit the “Annual Student Organization Registration Website”
    Congratulations! You've already completed this!

  2. Log-in using your TXST credentials

    1. If you are creating a brand new organization that has never existed at Texas State, please select “New Organization” from the dropdown menu

    2. If you are registering an organization that has existed before, please select the organization’s name from the dropdown menu

  3. Fill out info

New Orgs:

  1. Complete all requested information on the form (Name, description, membership requirements, etc.)

  2. Enter Net IDs of President(s), Vice President, Treasurer, and Advisor(s). NOTE: Must be Net ID and not A# or email alias (Ex: abc123)

Existing Orgs:

  1. You will see all pre-existing information from the last registration on file. Make any necessary changes and update officer/advisor information

  2. Submit Registration


  1. All listed officers will receive automated emails containing links to agreements for electronic signatures. Each link must be clicked and signed separately

  2. Once all agreements have been signed by each officer/advisor, please email to confirm receipt of submissions

  3. After all signatures have been received and confirmed by Student Involvement, each officer/advisor will be added to the RSO S.O.L.D. Canvas site

  4. You will have until the due date (which will be shown in the Canvas site) to complete Risk Management training

    1. If your organization is new or has not updated their constitution within the last 3 years, you will be required to upload your organization's constitution to the “Constitution” Module in this canvas site

      1. If you are unsure of the last revision of your org’s constitution, you may call Student Involvement at 512-245-3219 during regular business hours (Monday-Friday)

      2. Additional resources to create/revise your constitution will be available on the canvas site

      3. Some resources are available on the "Start an Organization" Page.

Risk Management training is REQUIRED to be completed by ALL listed officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Advisors). Failure to complete the training by the required deadline will result in your organization’s status being made INACTIVE After completion of Risk Management Training and submission of a constitution (if applicable), your organization will be considered an ACTIVE registration and will be granted all privileges afforded to registered student organizations. (Ex: Indoor/outdoor reservations, fundraising and hosting events on campus, etc.) You will ONLY receive an email if you fail to meet any of the above requirements

In the event of an officer or advisor change, please update your registration anytime throughout the year via the Annual Registration link.

Officer/Advisor Change

Need to change your officers but you already registered your organization for the year? Utilize this form to let us know which officers need to be added


Organization Information Change

Need to change your meeting location, description, or update any other information found via our searchable organization database? Utilize this form to share that information.


Adding Members to Your Organization

Want to add members to your organization registration? Click the button and login!