Using MAKO (The Student Affairs Information System)

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  • Step 1: Choose "Student Organizations" under the "Organizations" tab

    Selecting Student Organizations in the Organizations Tab in MAKO

    Step 2: Find your organization and select “manage members” under the admin tab. Only those registered as officers or advisors to the organization may do this, so make sure to find someone with authorization to do this.

    Selecting Manage Members Portal

    Step 3: You will then use the “Manage Organization Membership” tool to add officers and members as you see fit. We will only send important emails to officers so don’t be afraid to use this as a tool to document all registered members in your organization.

    Manage Organization Membership Section

    Thank you for keeping us informed about the membership status of your officers and for staying up to date with your registration status with the Department of Student Involvement.

  • Officers in the system are given several privileges 

    1. All officers in our system will receive emails with important information.

    2. All officers will have the ability to reserve campus spaces for your organization.


  • Responsibility Levels Portal Highlighted


    Clicking the "Retire" button next to an officer will remove them from your organization. If an officer is replaced make sure to add an officer first and then retire the old officer.

  • Responsibility Levels Portal Highlighted

    Responsibility Levels will tell the system to which officers you want to grant admin access. Admin access is what allows you to enter the "Manage Members" portal so that you can add and retire officers.

    Selecting "R+1" will increase their Responsibility Level and Selecting "R-1" will decrease their Responsibility Level. 

    Having no Responsibility Level (the officer will have no number next to their email) will not allow an officer to have admin access. Having any Responsibility Level (any number, 1 or greater, next to their email) will grant the officer admin access.

    Choose which officers you want to grant this permission to as you see fit.